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OSP Construction Manager - CA

O Neals, CA 93645

Posted: 08/09/2023 Industry: OSP/Fiber: CM Job Number: 7395

Job Description

Under the direct supervision of the Supervising Engineer – OSP, the Outside Plant (OSP) Construction Worker is accountable for labor intensive jobs related to the inspection and construction of outside plant facilities and electronic sites. This includes, but is not limited to: inspecting outside plant work orders and
contract construction that ensures regulatory compliance with approved plans and specifications, transport of heavy equipment and materials, various facets of OSP construction work, and installation of OSP plant facilities and equipment. Reporting locations will change in accordance with scheduled work


- Duties vary on a daily basis and are listed in detail under periodic duties
- Demonstrated expertise with RUS construction assembly units, work order prints and unit tabulation
- Prepares daily redline as-built drawings for each work order
- Understands and accepts the necessity for reporting to work on time, and is ready and able to
perform the duties and responsibilities of the position on a daily basis
- Proactive involvement in the Company’s Safety Program, including compliance will all rules and
regulations, and for continuously practicing safety while performing their duties
- Reviews and interprets OSP plans and specification for outside plant cable facilities, including
applicable RUS specifications
- Inspects projects in progress for RUS compliance
- Inspects open trenches for correct depth
- Prepares detailed as-built documentation
- Prepares Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) documentation
- Coordinates completion and cut-over of work orders with Contractor and Field Operations
- Prepares final inspection documentation of completed work orders
- Prepares appropriate RUS inspection and closing forms for projects under a 773 or 515 contract
- Interpret work order prints and material forms
- Performs routine maintenance inspections on Company construction equipment as applicable to
regulatory compliance
- Construct and install OSP facilities and equipment per work order prints
- Grade, form and pour cement pads per work order prints and specifications
- Locate cable for the immediate work location as required
- Excavate (Pothole) cables to locate and verify cable depth
- Splice and test non-working copper and fiber cable
- Actively interfaces with customers and property owners
- Actively interfaces with governmental agencies concerning permits, licenses and easements

- Reviews and makes contact with customers on complaints resulting from contractor work order activity
- Assists with fiber and copper cable acceptance tests and completes test results sheets
- Transports and operates dump truck, vacuum truck and trailer, backhoe, trencher, cable plow, micro
duct and fiber blowing equipment, boring/drilling equipment, fork lift and other equipment as required
- Performs minor repairs on construction equipment according manufactures recommend procedures
- Performs inspection of construction trucks and fill out required forms as required
- Perform traffic control per Federal, state and local jurisdictional requirements

- Complete construction, compaction and clean-up functions on public and private easements/rights-of-
way as if it were their own front yard

- Post permits on the job site and call for inspections as required
- List of principal accountabilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary
- Applies knowledge of the job. Applies knowledge to new or challenging situations
- Applies technical skills (includes applying existing skills in new or challenging situations)
- Accepts responsibility for and follows through on tasks, assignments, and other responsibilities in a
timely manner
- Meets departmental standards for productivity (rated on the basis of work accomplished to volume of
- Performs duties with accuracy, thoroughness, attention to detail, and neatness
- Sets challenging, but realistic goals
- Holds self accountable for individual results
- Monitors quality of own or others’ work (e.g., double-checks the accuracy of information or work
product; checks to ensure that procedures are followed)
- Takes actions to solve a problem or overcome an obstacle to achieving results
- Makes specific changes in work processes or own work methods to improve performance (e.g., does
something better, faster, at lower cost, more efficiently; improves quality, customer satisfaction,
morale, revenues)
- Performs work in a safe and healthful manner and in accordance with the Company’s Safety Program
- Recognizes tasks, activities, assignments to be done and completes them without specific directive or
actively seeks new duties or challenges
- Offers one or more ideas to improve work processes or departmental productivity. Initiates actions to
address an anticipated problem or obstacles. Actions are within the constraints of respective
- Has the ability to seek information from a wide variety of sources concerning a problem or issue
affecting a specific project or department as a whole
- Expresses the belief that others are fully capable of contributing to the work process and being
effective when given the chance
- Participates willingly in departmental or work group decisions. Demonstrates commitment to
achieving departmental goals by assisting others, even if the task is not a part of their primary roles
and responsibilities
- Shows respect for other’s intelligence by appealing to reason
- Genuinely values others’ input and expertise and is willing to learn from others (including supervisors,
peers, and subordinates)
- Respects the ways things are done in the organization and does what is expected (e.g., dresses
appropriately, presents the Company in a positive light). Follows Company policies and procedures
- Respects and accepts what management sees as important
- Maintains attendance in accordance with Company guidelines and is consistently punctual
- Makes choices and sets priorities to meet Company’s needs
- Cooperates with others to achieve organizational/departmental objectives
- Publicly acts to fit the Company’s mission

- Understands other people’s point of view
- Able to shift easily from one task or focus to a different one
- Willing to change ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence
- Decides what to do based on the situation (e.g., acts to fit the situation or person)
- Demonstrates an ability to handle stress on the job (e.g., able to multi-tasks, prioritize)
- Controls own strong emotions, such as anger or extreme frustration. Remains calm in stressful
situations, addressing difficult problems one at a time
- Remains productive under stress. Deals with stress directly and does not allow stress to weaken
one’s ability to complete a task or interact effectively with others
CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTATION (internal and external)
- Gives friendly, cheerful service
- Follows through on customer/property owner inquiries, requests, complaints
- Keeps customer/property owner up-to-date about progress of projects (but does not probe customer’s
underlying issues or problems)
- Maintains clear communication with customer/property owner regarding mutual expectation, monitors
customer satisfaction


- Possesses the ability to speak clearly and understandably and hear communications by telephone
and in person
- Possesses fine and gross manipulation skills
- Possesses grasping and power grip abilities
- Must have good vision (with correction) and also have color vision to differentiate wiring
- Must be able to sit for prolonged periods of time
- Must have ability to stand, sit, squat, bend kneel, twist, crawl, reach, lift, balance, carry, push and pull
to accomplish daily tasks associated with requirements of the position
- Must be able to perform job duties and responsibilities in all types of weather, ranging from extreme
heat to cold, including rain and snow
- Must have the ability to walk and negotiate rough terrain while carrying necessary equipment to
perform job duties
- Must have the ability to drive in all types of terrain and in all types of weather, including rain and snow
- Must have the ability to install and remove tire chains from vehicles
- Must be able to lift 100lb. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying objects weighting up to 50lb.


- High school diploma or equivalent
- Vocational degree or industry related certification in electricity, electronics or outside plant
- Conceptual understanding and practical application of telephone facility construction allowing
application of this knowledge to the day-to-day duties and assignments
- Demonstrated understanding of outside plant splicing schematics, plant maps, and work order prints
- Basic knowledge of telephony
- Demonstrated understanding of construction methods used in buried and underground telephone
cable and conduit construction, installation of pedestals and poles and other telephone related
construction practices
- Demonstrated familiarity with drilling fluids, gravel, rock and chemicals used on the job site

- Possesses and maintains a valid and unrestricted class “A” driver’s license, with driving records that
provides insurability under the Company’s vehicle insurance carrier and within the guidelines of the
Company. Has successfully participated in previous DOT compliance testing programs, with no
positive test results, and will continue to participate in Ponderosa’s DOT compliance testing program.
Ponderosa maintains a zero tolerance level for DOT random testing and during operation of all
Company vehicles.
- Operational knowledge in the use of cable locating equipment, volt/ohm meter, assorted hand tools,
OTDR and test equipment. Operational knowledge of Capacitance meter for testing cable reels
- Ability to transport and operate equipment including, but not limited to, dump truck, vacuum truck and
trailer, backhoe, trencher, cable plow and boring/drilling equipment.
- Two years previous experience working at Ponderosa Telephone Co. in a mechanical or
maintenance related position
- Two years in underground or buried construction related industries, telephony related desirable
- Two years of previous backhoe and heavy equipment operations or be able to demonstrate
competency in the operation of such equipment


Exposure ranges from mild to extreme weather conditions, including heat, cold, humidity, rain and snow.
At times, personal protective equipment and clothing are the only protection provided against the
elements. There is also unavoidable exposure to plant and animal life that inhabit the area.
Environments may also include crawl spaces and attics. These conditions range from wet, damp and
cold to hot, humid and dusty
Entry into confined spaces is restricted to those individuals who have received proper training in working
in such an environment. Conditions can range from wet, damp and cold, to hot and humid.

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